About Gardenscape

Gardenscape Papamoa was a new business built and established in February 2005 with the vision of providing a top quality product and service to the Papamoa and surrounding areas. We service and deliver as far away as Waihi Beach and Otamarakau.

We were one of the very first businesses to trade in the new Papamoa Junction development.

The Gardenscape team envisages being part of the growth over the coming years with so many new homes predicted for the region.


If you have any questions regarding Gardenscapes products or their use, please feel free to ask or email us.


How much pebble do I need?
Measure length and width of garden. (Length x Width = Square meterage). Multiply square meters by depth that you desire. This will give you the volumn of the product you need.

1 cubic metre will cover:

10 square metres if laid at 100mmm deep
13.33 square metres if laid at 75mm deep
20 square metres if laid at 50mm deep
33.33 square metres if laid at 30mm deep
Please contact us for recommended laying depths for individual products.

Do I need to lay weedmat under decorative pebble or shell?
We recommend laying a good quality weedmat under decorative pebbles and shells. This keeps down the weeds and eliminates the mixing of soils and decorative products.


How thick do I need to spread mulch?
We recommend laying mulches at 75mm plus to get the most out of it. If there is existing mulch in the area topping up with 50mm may be sufficient.
How long will my mulch last?
Most mulch will need refreshing in approximately one year, if a 75mm layer is initially laid. As mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil that is very beneficial so although mulch will need replenishing, it is enriching the soil as it breaks down. The lasting power of mulch depends on many variables, such as how thick it is laid, exposure to the sun, how much it is irrigated, how much it is walked on and particle size.
What are the benefits of mulch?
Mulch helps suppress the weeds and keeps the soil moist when laid without weedmat and at a recommended depth of 100mm. Mulch also improves the aesthetics of your entire landscape.
Is our mulch treated?
No it is not as it would not be healthy for plants.